A Boost in Sales Opportunities for Your Home Service Company

Customer satisfaction is a must in order to make sure your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical service business thrives, but how do you create a high level of customer service and make the most of your opportunity for sales? How do you best showcase your goods and services to the customer and maximize that sale? With all the tools available today, the utilization of mobile technology in your presentation to the customer can make a world of difference.

A lot of the available options for operational software can be made to create an easier selling experience with visual and statistical data to back them up. Your field technicians can tell the customer all about the latest faucets offered, but unless the customer can see the particular models, your chances of being able to upsell them are greatly challenged. Similarly, if you carry a particular item that boasts superior water conservation capabilities, you need to be able to back that statement up. The difference between diagrams and statistics that demonstrate potential savings over time versus simply saying, “It costs a little more, but it’s going to save you money,” is like night and day. Consumers today crave information, and if it isn’t given to them, they’ll go get it themselves - possibly from your competition. Providing them with the knowledge to make an informed decision is a surefire way to improve your overall sales numbers.

Taking advantage of trade-specific back-end software, such as ServiceTitan, is an ideal way to incorporate visual and statistical data into your sales presentation. You can provide vital information to the customer, such as current inventory quantities, installation times and even extended service packages that are available. Minimizing the level of anxiety for the customer and having readily available product images and information on the items you offer will give your field staff a measurable advantage.

With robust business management software, you can easily organize your product and service offerings, giving your staff the tools needed to present them to your customers in a uniform and thorough manner. To find out more about ways you can boost the sales of your home service company, contact us today!

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