Benefits of Business Management Software for Electricians

Trying to run a business in the electrical service industry can be both time consuming and stressful. In addition to the actual electrical work and installations, trade business owners must also focus on managing payroll, maintaining the staff and their schedules, inventory and equipment maintenance, and a whole host of additional, unforeseeable issues that can complicate your daily routine and make focusing on the real goals – sales and customer service – difficult to manage.

The integration of a business management software, such as ServiceTitan, will effectively automate many of these tedious processes and create a level of consistency in the behind-the-scenes operations of your company. This software is highly customizable and is suited for trade companies of virtually and size and structure. Scheduling of appointments, customer database management, payroll, employee performance data and even product sales and inventory can all be accessed from any location via smart devices. That means that if you suddenly remember you were running low on a very popular brand of faucet you normally carry in inventory, you can pick up your iPad at any time, access your inventory statistics and, if need be, place an order through the system to your distributor – all from the comfort of home.

Another benefit of converting to operational software is the saving you will see in man hours. Consider all the time that goes into tasks that are being completed manually that could easily be handled by software. Payroll, for instance, may have taken an individual 2-3 hours a week before business management software is integrated, whereas after, allowing for a minimal amount of time for slight adjustments and clarifications, this task can be completed in minutes. Inventory totals are kept up to date based on sale and shipping data, so you never find yourself in a situation where you have to acquire something at the last minute for an install, and you know exactly which inventory items are performing well, versus those that have gone stagnant. The level of connectivity and transparency provided by SaaS that is specifically built for the home service industry is invaluable.

Scheduling is another area that is dramatically optimized by management software. Keeping an up to date summary of all the technicians you employ, including their availability schedules and the different locations where their schedules will have them on any given day, makes scheduling appointments much simpler than before. With these details at your disposal, you will be able to make the best use of the available work hours you have and increase the number of customers you can serve each week.

Having a company that is running at optimal levels with a software system you can trust can be a huge weight off of your shoulders. By integrating operational software that can handle the time consuming tasks associated with business management, you will have more time to focus your attention on your current customers and continue to grow your customer base. To find out more about the ways ServiceTitan can improve your home service business, contact us today!

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