Better Ways to Communicate with Your Service Business Techs

A high level of communication among the staff at an HVAC, plumbing or electrical business plays an important role in maintaining optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. In the residential home service industry, poor communication between technicians and dispatch or home office can result in unanticipated delays, poor customer service evaluations and lost revenue. Implementing an efficient service industry business management software solution, such as ServiceTitan, provides a variety of methods of communication to improve awareness of the status and location of your field techs and their activities with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Some trade industry operational software offers tracking capabilities for technicians and other representatives in the field. ServiceTitan, for example, offers means of maintaining continuous contact with active techs via apps on an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone. Not only does the app maintain the locations of all current technician on a single map that is available to the dispatcher, it also gives the technicians the ability to provide status updates from their current appointment and make needed requests to the home office. Adding this level of communication to the operations of a home service industry provider improves the overall efficiency of the company and can have a dramatic impact on customer service evaluations.

Two-way texting capability is another very efficient means of communication, both between techs and the dispatch office as well as among the individual techs themselves. Text messages are typically less time consuming, meaning that answering technician’s questions, providing solution input, updating a time-of-arrival status or even beginning a work order all provide excellent information with minimal extra effort.

Providing efficient communication and tracking tools to your service technicians is a very effective way to improve productivity levels for your company and, indirectly, improve customer service levels and increase profits. Understanding where each of your technicians are, how long they have been there, what their current progress is on the tasks they are performing, and when they are expected at their next jobsite will help avoid issues that might arise.

Not knowing what is going on with the daily operations of your business is a very unsettling situation to find yourself in. Optimizing the communication levels can go a long way to alleviating that stress and improving the overall effectiveness of your operation. For more information about ServiceTitan and the benefits it can bring your company, contact us today!

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