Coaching Service Techs with Data Tracking

Making sure that your service techs are making the most of their time on-site is a very important factor when it comes to managing your business. “Time is money” immediately comes to mind when thinking about this topic, and with a limited number of available time slots throughout the day to service your customers, working efficiently is imperative.

Reviewing how time is managed when on a service call is crucial for optimizing your company’s operation costs as well as increasing profits. By keeping track of the total time spent on a call by each of the technicians on your team, you can identify opportunities for improvement within your staff and provide them with the tools and/or training to complete their scheduled work in a timely fashion. Training your technicians to work “smarter” will result in fewer scheduling conflicts and, with that improvement in efficiency comes a recognizably higher degree of customer service.

Understanding that there will be instances where the actual time for a service call will exceed the time initially allotted, maintaining lines of communication between the technician and your main office plays a crucial role in managing your staff. Unexpected delays in an installation or repair can result in a technician’s entire schedule being set back, and if that is the case, it is often left up to a member of the office staff to make phone calls and inform other clients about potential delays. Some service industry software packages, such as ServiceTitan, have the capability of tracking each technician’s location up to the minute, along with status updates surrounding their current job and an overall summary of their schedule. Tools like this give the operator at the home office the ability to evaluate any scheduling challenge and determine if a job can simply be reassigned to another technician in the area. Staying on top of such issues minimizes the chance of inconveniencing the customer, which will be a deciding factor for them the next time they need the assistance of a professional in your field.

In the service industry, time is a critical factor that effects every facet of your operations. It has a direct impact on customer service, sales, payroll and, most importantly, your profit margin. Open communication and analyzing data trends is the key to making the most of the time you have and will allow you to optimize your company’s productivity levels. Management software like ServiceTitan can effectively help you keep an updated status of your technicians and recognize potential obstacles in their schedules, as well as help you track their service times and implement any necessary training. To find out more about the benefits ServiceTitan can provide your service company, contact us!

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