How to Convert with Value

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A WOW Experience is that moment when your client recognizes that you went above and beyond in the way you took care of them. Expressions such as “WOW” are often used by the client to describe how you created value for them in an unexpected way and won the moment. A WOW Experience is the outcome we look to achieve in every client interaction. Motivation to provide a WOW Experience consists of belief-driven action that goes beyond what you do when you answer the phones and taps into why you do it.

As a guest on the ServiceTitan blog, we have outlined the principles found in the Pattern for Excellence. The Pattern for Excellence provides a framework for learning best practices in phenomenal customer service. Mastery of these values and principles is a journey that will empower call handling teams to create WOW Experiences for their clients.

To be effective at converting customers with value over the phone, you have to first master the principles outlined in previous posts to establish rapport with customers and build long-term relationships. The last two principles in the Pattern will help you WOW more customers by converting with value. And in return, your company is rewarded with loyal clients who return again and again!  

Be Valuable – Inspired Conscious Creation
Do you create value within the responsibility you are given? If so, do you mentor your peers to do as you are doing? Although you may be a customer, you are not YOUR customer. Treating others the way you want to be treated may not resonate with every client. It is much more effective to get clear on how others want to be treated and then proactively serve them the way they want. This requires creativity, innovation and maybe even little discomfort in the way you serve them. But when you serve clients in the fashion they expect, and then exceed those expectations, you build value! In the simplest terms, building value means delivering more than was expected.

To enhance the client experience even further and make it WOW-worthy, there are several steps you can take:

  1. Anticipate issues or inconveniences the client might experience during service and resolve them before they can occur. 
    • Before service experience, think of actions you could take or things the client could prepare for that would make the experience more convenient and enjoyable.
  2. Display a sincere desire to serve customers. When clients know you are going out of your way to help them or solve their issues, it triggers feelings of like and trust for your organization.
    • When you have clients with special needs, do you dismiss them because their needs fall outside the scope of what you normally do, or do you find a way to help them? Is this done in a positive, caring tone?

When you build value in these ways, the client is not the only one that benefits. When you create WOW experiences you feel great, and satisfaction in your career skyrockets!

Remember, service beyond expectation = value!

Be Grateful Honor Our Stewardship
Serving others together in stewardship is a blessing that we honor and value. When you sincerely thank someone, your expression of gratitude towards them means that they made a difference. When people feel they have made a difference, they feel important and become more connected and loyal to the one that expressed gratitude towards them. 

So how do we sincerely thank someone? If you think about it, “thank you” almost goes unnoticed in conversation; this is because it is normally said out of obligation. Now think of a time when you received a thank you card from someone and you knew it was sincere. You felt how grateful they were. If you have experienced this situation, there is a strong possibility that person reinforced their appreciation by explaining why you meant so much to them.

We call this “thank you with evidence.” Expressing sincere thanks can be as simple as adding a “because” to your message of gratitude. For example:

“Thank you so much for contacting us again! I say this because repeat clients are the lifeblood of our organization. It means a lot to us that you would consider us again!”

This type of message makes your appreciation real, sincere, and human. People want to connect with and work with human beings, not “employees” doing a “job.”

By creating value unique to the customer you are speaking to and being grateful, you transition the role you play at your company from task-driven action into belief-driven action. This paradigm shift will not only give you the power to WOW more customers (and feel good doing it!), but revolutionize how you do business.

The eight principles found in the Pattern for Excellence constitute the behaviors and framework for learning best practices in phenomenal customer service. Mastery of these principles will make you a valuable asset to the company and clients you serve. 

We truly hope you have enjoyed these posts as much as we have enjoyed providing them!

We exist to help people like you succeed. Thank you so much for reading!



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