Do You Monitor Your Service Business Calls?

It’s a surprising fact, but did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone, and 65% of businesses say that phone calls are their most fruitful source of leads, according to AdInsight?

Service industries like plumbing, electrical and HVAC are at the top of the list of businesses needing to track and monitor calls through back-end business management software. In fact, any business that depends on converting leads into appointments should be tracking every call for a variety of purposes – from managing employee performance to assessing marketing activities and much more.

Here are a few reasons to consider managing your calls through ServiceTitan:

  • Find out how efficient your appointment-making team is by tracking call times.
  • Monitor, at a glance, how many calls are being converted into appointments.
  • Record call takers to help improve conversion metrics by determining what training your staff may need to become more efficient and convert more calls into sales.
  • Listen to customer calls to gain insight into customer satisfaction.
  • Track calls to better understand which marketing techniques work best.
  • Find out where your callers are located, allowing you to be more targeted with your marketing initiatives.

With ServiceTitan’s industry-specific software, call tracking is done via a straightforward, simple to manage dashboard. Easily track where calls come from, how long calls were, how many calls were lost, how many calls weren’t answered and how many went to voicemail or a recording, among the variety of options.

If you, like many residential home service business owners today, are marketing your business online and directing potential customers to your website, specific landing pages or contact forms, it’s essential for you to know if these efforts are leading to calls. By tracking your calls with operational software, you are given the information you need to better manage your bottom line. Want to find out more? Contact ServiceTitan today!

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