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Ever Wonder Where Exactly Your Techs Are?

Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Services used to have to guess where its technicians were at any given time. That was before Tiger enlisted the joint services of ServiceTitan and TomTom Telematics.

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Behind the Curtain: Designing A Mobile App for Home Services

Rob Simon draws a quick sketch on the whiteboard during the Mobile 2.0 design process.

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The Perfect App for Your Service Business

Big news from ServiceTitan today — Mobile 2.0 is out! We’ve been hard at work finishing those last sprints, listening to customer feedback, and fine-tuning our platform to ensure that it can help businesses in the home services space thrive and delight their customers.

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How To “WOW” Customers over The Phone And Build a Lasting Relationship

[Ed. note: Our friends at Power Selling Pros are back with tips that you and your call-handling team can use to convert more calls to appointments. The latest entry in this series, “How to “WOW” Customers over the Phone and Build a Lasting Relationship,” is below. Read the previous entry here.]  

Companies have become really good at answering questions. Customer service reps will sit there on the phone and answer every customer question under the sun, and when the customers have had all their questions answered, they say, “Wow, you’ve been great! I am going to hang up now and think about this for a while, and who knows, I might call you back.”

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3 Ways to Step Up Your Phone Game

[Ed. note: 
Over the next few weeks, our friends at Power Selling Pros will be guest blogging with tips that you and your call-handling team can use to convert more calls to appointments. The first entry in this series is below.]  

What is the difference between a good service company, and a wildly successful one?

Attention to detail has a lot to do with it. Many companies assume that their call-handling strategy is fine if they’re making money. But overlooking ways to improve can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable leads and sales.

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May Rookie of the Month

For our May Rookie of the Month, we're going under the knife with The Drain Surgeon, a company relatively new to ServiceTitan based in Augusta, GA.
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Using Software to Convert Calls into Cash

In case you missed it, ServiceTitan's CEO Ara Mahdessian was featured in a recent article from ACHR News. The story focuses on how software can help improve call conversion rates. Read the full story, "Using Software to Convert Calls into Cash," here.

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May Titan of the Month

Our May Titan of the Month takes us to the City of Brotherly Love with Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Bruno Air Shares Excitement about ServiceTitan

Louis Bruno dishes on the HVAC world at ServiceTitan headquarters.

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A1 Plumbing Gives ServiceTitan an A+ for Implementation

Marty Cullen is the owner of A1 Plumbing in Boise, Idaho. We spoke with Marty recently about how he came to own a plumbing service business, the changes that he has noticed in the industry, and his experience with ServiceTitan.

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