Training Your Service Business CSRs Properly

At the heart of every success story in the home service industry is attention to detail where customer service is involved. High levels of customer service translate into satisfied customers and return business, which is important and rare in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Knowing how to serve the customers, understand their needs and surpass their expectations are all very valuable tools that you want each and every employee you have on staff to both understand and use. If you are using an operational software system for trade professionals, some very valuable tools are at your disposal to help review staff performances both individually and as a group, allowing you to dramatically improve the way your staff interacts with customers.

  • Performance Statistics - Operational software systems for trade professionals and field technicians, such as ServiceTitan, keep track of performance statistics based on customer interactions to determine the overall effectiveness of your staff. Information such as total length of the call, issue as it was originally presented, resulting scheduled service calls and generated sales are recorded by the system, noting the member of staff that was responsible for the call. From this, owners and managers can review an individual’s overall effectiveness on the phone, noting where excessive amounts of time are being spent, and what percentage of those interactions resulted in actual sales. Identifying such weak points in a representative’s performance provides you with the ability to identify where employees are falling short in expectations and also provide training for those individuals to improve their performance levels and bring them up to speed.
  • Interaction Review – Your business management software should have the ability to record each and every phone call that comes into the office and store that recording in the customer’s file. Such recordings can be very valuable to your training processes. Providing examples of what a good phone interaction sounds like will give your staff a reference point for what they need to strive for when dealing with customers over the phone.

Statistics, examples of common mistakes and examples of the ideal customer interaction go a long way toward identifying issues in your organization and can help improve the customer service level provided by your call takers. Keep in mind that your CSRs are your voice in the marketplace, and making sure they are sending out the right message is key to your success. Contact us today to find out more about the ways ServiceTitan can help improve the performance of your CSRs.

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