3 Ways to Increase CSR Call Bookings

A critical action of any home service business is converting phone calls into booked jobs. Implementing marketing campaigns can potentially earn your business thousands of dollars, but if conversions aren’t taking place, you are lessening your marketing ROI. While not every call will guarantee a booked appointment, you can greatly increase your chances by taking steps to track efforts.

Metrics such as call frequency, lead generation, appointment bookings and unbooked calls are important to review when working towards a more powerful operation. While there are numerous ways to improve CSR call bookings, the following methods can allow you to create the most powerful team of representatives your business has ever employed.

  • Track individual performance: Not every CSR is created equally and they all have strengths and weaknesses. By tracking the performance of each one, you can better identify any potential areas of improvement. Streamline this process by using operational software that automatically chronicles booked and unbooked calls, as well as commission and customer review for each individual CSR.
  • Identify areas of improvement: If a CSR is having trouble in a specific area of business, tracking their performance can help identify a necessary corrective action. For example, if an employee is struggling to provide customer estimates over the phone, having a system in place that records all unbooked calls can help diagnose the problem and help you improve that CSR’s performance.
  • Incentivize performance: Having a front and back-end management software system in place that can track the efficiency of CSRs allows for the opportunity to provide motivation for improvement. By posting scorecards of each employee’s metrics and then incentivizing improvement, you can inspire CSRs to go above and beyond in an effort to book more calls.

Increasing booking rates is a major step in increasing the overall growth of your residential home service business. By investing in software like ServiceTitan, you can increase the chances that incoming calls result in revenue for your business.

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