Accurate Electrical Services Targets the Customer Experience

Jeff Seale (pictured above, second from right) is the owner of Accurate Electrical Services in the greater Los Angeles, California area. We spoke with Jeff recently about his dedication to customer service and his experience with ServiceTitan.

Q: You recently won an award for Accurate Electrical Services’ customer service – can you describe that?
A: Every year, Nexstar Network sends out a customer satisfaction survey to consumers and then ranks companies based on the results. For 2015, we were in the top 20 of all Nexstar member companies and earned a five star rating for our customer service. This is the first time we’ve broken into that ranking.

Q: How has ServiceTitan helped your customer service?
A: Being able to record calls helps us be more responsive to customers. We can go back and listen to every call to get valuable insight on how we’re performing and how a particular customer acts/reacts. Our goal as a business is to communicate with our customers all the time – before, during and after a job – and ServiceTitan lets us do that efficiently.

Q: What are the most helpful features of ServiceTitan for your business?
A: Knowing where our marketing dollars are going. We like that each marketing campaign has tracked metrics such as dollars spent, call counts and conversion rates to show us the true ROI so we know if it’s working. If we didn’t book a call, we can go back and listen to that call to understand why. All of this technology ties into customer service. If you know to whom you’re marketing, those customers are going to have a better experience. With the ServiceTitan platform, we are able to collect and then act on in-depth data about the customers in our market to provide an award-winning customer experience.

Q: How did you handle your operations before ServiceTitan?
A: We were with another provider and just switched over in January 2015. All of our invoices beforehand were paper, so the information transfer was the biggest challenge for us. ServiceTitan’s support team helped ensure the transition went smoothly.

Q: What customer service tips can you share for the entire residential electrical industry?
A: Communicating with customers is number one. As a business owner, I always want consistent, frequent communication with my vendors, and home service business owners should think about how they like being treated themselves when creating a customer service program.

We communicate daily with our clients and always let them know if there’s an issue or if a tech will be late, because owning your work is important. We do follow-ups after every service call asking if the job was done right, if the tech was professional, if the actual work was performed in a timely fashion, etc.

There are multiple opportunities for you, as a home electrical business, to communicate with customers and improve from that feedback.

Our goal has been to create raving fans and ServiceTitan helps us do that.

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