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ServiceTitan Just Raised $80 Million to Serve You Even Better

Our co-founders, Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan, reached out to our customers this morning with an important announcement. Here is what they had to say in their own words.

We’re announcing some big news this week. I wanted you to hear about it from us first.

Two years ago, we raised $18M from the leading early-stage software investor, Bessemer Venture Partners, to help make ServiceTitan what it is today.

Now, we’ve raised an additional $80M from the leading growth-stage software investors, ICONIQ Capital, to help make ServiceTitan even better. You can read about the investment here.

Vahe and I have always been highly selective of who we partner with. It’s important for us to partner with people who share our values and are passionate about our mission of helping contractors. ICONIQ Capital represents many of the most successful and world-changing software entrepreneurs, including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Chairman), and many others. After spending extensive time with ICONIQ and their team, we’re confident this partnership will be as beneficial as our continued partnership with Bessemer.

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Home Services Companies Raise Revenue 25% on ServiceTitan

There’s a lot of buzz at ServiceTitan this week. The results are back from an internal study commissioned to track the revenue growth of new ServiceTitan customers, and numbers have raised a lot of eyebrows.

We sat down with the lead author of the study, ServiceTitan’s Christopher Lee, to learn a little bit more about how ServiceTitan customers have achieved an average revenue growth of 25% in their revenue in their first year on ServiceTitan, the #1 home services management software platform.

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Introducing the ServiceTitan Mobile App

Your field technicians need to be properly equipped for every situation – from HVAC emergencies to customer service needs. ServiceTitan’s mobile access for field technicians keeps your techs connected. But what happens when they can’t communicate with your home office because there’s no WiFi or cell signal available? The solution is ServiceTitan’s Mobile App 1.0, our brand new native application.

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Are You Using Your Service Business Software Correctly?

Choosing to integrate Software as a Service (SaaS) into a residential home service business such as HVAC, plumbing or electrical, is an easy step toward increasing operational fluidity, improving customer service levels, maximizing sales opportunities and increasing yearly revenue. Making the decision to implement such a tool is only one part of the process, though. Just as important is making sure the system is being applied at optimum levels, and every advantage this type of software can provide is used to its full extent.

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Better Ways to Communicate with Your Service Business Techs

A high level of communication among the staff at an HVAC, plumbing or electrical business plays an important role in maintaining optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. In the residential home service industry, poor communication between technicians and dispatch or home office can result in unanticipated delays, poor customer service evaluations and lost revenue. Implementing an efficient service industry business management software solution, such as ServiceTitan, provides a variety of methods of communication to improve awareness of the status and location of your field techs and their activities with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

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ServiceTitan Streamlines Home Service with Custom Forms

Paper-based processing has been a staple of the home service industry for years. Ranging from voluntary field analysis reports and lead capture forms, to mandatory state legal disclosures, trade professionals can spend hours of precious time dealing with and creating paper-based work forms and processes. In the past, a home service business could either hire the staff necessary to manage these documents, outsource the service at a costly rate, or fall behind and lose potential new business, or even risk legal action.

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Training Your Service Business CSRs Properly

At the heart of every success story in the home service industry is attention to detail where customer service is involved. High levels of customer service translate into satisfied customers and return business, which is important and rare in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Knowing how to serve the customers, understand their needs and surpass their expectations are all very valuable tools that you want each and every employee you have on staff to both understand and use. If you are using an operational software system for trade professionals, some very valuable tools are at your disposal to help review staff performances both individually and as a group, allowing you to dramatically improve the way your staff interacts with customers.

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4 Management Tips for the Modern Plumbing Company

The face of the plumbing industry is changing, with the trade quickly becoming overrun with new competition. Whether it be licensed technicians who are simply handymen or do-it-yourselfers looking to save money, it has become increasingly difficult for true plumbing companies to stand out among all the options available to the modern-day consumer.

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4 Characteristics Every Service Provider’s Website Should Have

Guest blog by Joe Dowd

It’s no secret to commercial and residential service providers that their market is a very competitive space. It takes more than radio spots and billboards to build a strong customer base. And with new companies continuing to pop up, you are never safe in assuming that your current customers will remain loyal. The days where people pull out the phonebook and search the yellow pages for a service provider are behind us.

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Growing the Customer Base of Your HVAC Company

In the HVAC industry, gaining and maintaining repeat customers can be very profitable and is crucial to maintaining an advantage over your competition. Creating a profile for each of your past, current and potential customers is very important to your success, and operational software is a powerful tool for building a vital resource for your company’s future.

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