3 Ways To Build Better Relationships With Customers

As a home service provider, your field technicians are without a doubt, a critical component of your business. These individuals not only perform requested services, but they serve as a tangible representation of your brand. The impression left behind by your field techs can result in either a forgotten moment, or a repeat customer, so it is imperative that you build a relationship between your customers and your technicians.

Doing so can be tricky, as not all technicians are created equal, but there are several employable methods that can help create a truly pleasant experience for both parties. As a leading supplier of operational software for home service providers including plumbers, electricians and HVAC workers, ServiceTitan understands how important the customer relationship really is, and below are some top methods to build a better one:

  • Prepare your techs: By giving finite details about a customer, their needs, purchase history, and setup, you can better prepare your techs to optimize their field performance. Using back-end software that can send bullet points regarding installed equipment, known trouble spots in a home, service plan accordance and more, your techs don’t have to waste timing asking customers questions they could already know the answers to. This helps them create a more comfortable environment and also allows them to use their training to create a more impactful experience, overall.
  • Prepare your customers: When a customer calls a plumber and the CSR tells them “Bill” is on his way – do they know who “Bill” is? If not, they are liable to feel nervous about their upcoming service – especially during the time leading up to “Bill’s” arrival. With the right operational software, however you can eliminate that uncertainty by having a detailed biography and headshot of your field technician sent to your customers’ smartphones, tablets or computers. This lets them know who to expect so they can be at ease during an otherwise stressful situation.
  • Cater your field sales: Being a home service provider is more than just repairs and installations, as on-site sales help create year-over-year success. Even if you’re just a plumbing service, your customers’ needs and desires are going to be different case by case, so by specially catering your sales to each one, you can increase your chances of gaining on-site sales. Using operational software that showcases extra available items or services that are specific to a customer’s equipment or purchase history before an invoice is finalized can help create a “wow” experience.

Building a better relationship with your customers and your service technicians will certainly require some training, but by investing in operational software that can help your techs be the best they can be, like ServiceTitan, you hold a better chance of gaining repeat customers.

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