Customer Service Secrets for the HVAC Industry

Running a profitable HVAC business requires more than just trained technicians and powerful equipment – it demands outstanding customer service to gain referrals from loyal individuals. While your field staff may shake the hands of your customers, your CSRs are typically the first contact consumers have with your business.

Improving your brand’s customer satisfaction should begin with efforts to ensure individuals are ultimately satisfied, even when upset, but doing so is not without complication. Here are some top methods to improve the customer service of your HVAC business:

  • Tailor the customer experience: Every sale begins with the initial phone call to your company and treating each customer uniquely will help create a more powerful relationship. By using front and back-end software to arm your CSRs with vital information about a customer, you can help create the perfect experience every time. Provide your call takers with details such as call occurrence, service history, equipment used and even special notes from techs, managers or other CSRs.
  • Focus on timely service: When a customer calls for HVAC work, they typically do not have days or weeks to spare for service. Ensuring your technicians are punctual is key to maintaining positive opinions about your company. By using operational platforms that monitor the GPS location of your field staff, you can dispatch the nearest available tech for each call.
  • Offer on-site quoting and estimates: If a tech is dispatched to inspect an air conditioner, a customer can become frustrated if they have to wait to get an estimate for repair. By providng your field staff with mobile technology, customers can receive estimates and quotes instantly, giving them understanding of their situation sooner and adding extra value to your brand.
  • Track customer calls: Having a better understanding of a customer’s situation and demeanor can help your CSRs and technicians tailor their service for each individual. By tracking customer calls and interactions, you can provide that knowledge to arm your staff with background information about each of your clients.

Improving customer service for your HVAC business can be made simple by combining traditional methods with advanced technology. By implementing a robust back-end software system, like ServiceTitan, your business can benefit from advanced customer service methods to help improve these efforts and provide an excellent experience to those you serve.

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