Do You Have Real-Time Data on Your Business?

“Do you know what’s happening with your business right this second?”

That’s a question that Aaron Gaynor, owner of the Ohio-based Eco Plumbers, posed to fellow business owners at a recent Nexstar conference. He then pulled up his ServiceTitan dashboard to show the business intelligence he had at his fingertips. One of the best things about software for the home services industry is the ability for people to monitor business results in real time.

Up-to-the-minute knowledge of business performance can help owners increase revenue, conversion rates, and overall growth. But just as important, it liberates owners from the chains of the office. Whether it’s a Nexstar conference or a well-deserved vacation, owners can simply and easily check in on the business.

Check out the video below to see how ServiceTitan empowers businesses with real-time performance data.

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